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Bello Plate of Three Colors , is recognized worldwide ceramics of the Tang Dynasty, is also known to be traditionally since ancient reproduced or copied , this time we can not appreciate or get grounds being told that is not ancient this Tang lovely dish . You have to consider many things before stating a piza of three colors Antigua and AL Tang Dynasty 618 906 AD , including the colors must be appropriate and look as if they were soggy , corridos, have crystalline layer as a major on the color and detail called fly wings , ie the painting viewed closely is very cracked as the drawings have the wings of flies, but the cracks have to be inside enamel and sometimes cracks coming from the inside to the outside , varnish or enamel is broken from the inside out, not the opposite. Have you seen a clear and beautiful rainbow in colors, unintentional , but that by manipulating the plate this effect is seen . naturally pottery must be hand made and very, very important , both in the base plate and the front has to be typically three attachment points , three small dots or unpainted roundels which was coupled to a fastener insert in the oven and the dish physically would support these three points and had a best finish and overcooked. must naturally take into account the drawing belonging to this era and also the shape of the dish , sometimes you can find parts in perfect condition , as new, after more than a thousand years the condition is perfect , we are seen in many museums, including the Musée Guimet in Paris.

All these data have been examined in this piece and has passed all , which are few , we would say that one can make the many thousands and are often in museums. Only a test would be the Thermoluminescence to determine fairly accurately , but not us who spoil this lovely piece, they drill and analyze.

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