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Rate an artwork or personal property, perform the appraisal of a work or personal property is to provide an economic assessment trying to estimate depending on the condition, the technical details, material, estimated age, creator of the work etc..


It's completely FREE.



Send a minimum of four pictures with good image quality via our email:, and provide all the information on the part or object, such as dimensions, weight, material provenance, signature and condition of the object, etc.., all the data you can get, we will study and offer a first assessment, absolutely free.

You can also visit our facilities located in the center of Valencia, at San vicente 26 Entr. 2nd, we will make the assessment of the object at the time and subsequently agree to a minimum reserve price, at this time we will adjust our committee and proceed to obtain photographs cataloging yu back.

In the case of a large or very valuable lot Auction Darley will send a team to perform the work at home.

Call and ask for information, phone 96 394 96 394 48 94 or 32 26 to 0034 if calling from outside Spain or send us an email:





         correct photography

It is very important to know that just by photography can provide a rough appraisal or valuation, never exact.

It may offer certifications or appraisals with photographs either by email or in person, but the document must include as has been made​​, clearly state that the object or piece never been reviewed in person, since many features of the object can not be appreciated by standard photography, but if we can offer a very good appraisal or valuation by our experts.

It is therefore very important to the quality of the photograph, focus, light, background and knowledge get all the information of the object or part by that image.

We must bear in mind that is higher against the size and resolution of the image, but we transmit information, but in turn, the greater the size and weight in both megabytes and weight can occur on ships and delay much time it takes to upload the images to be sent later.




No correct color 


and focus




very dark or 



We have to find a balance: 


Image size not greater than 800x600 pixels this is a picture about the size of an A4 sheet 29x21 inches. 

The resolution of about 72 pixels per inch. These are the points that come in every inch, about 28,346 / cm. 

The entire assembly has to give us a maximum of 1 megabyte (1MB or 1Mb) approximate dimension or weight. 

And finally, the picture format, type of file which has been saved, the most common and requires less MB for use and we recommend is the correct presentation JPGE JPG or TIF is also customary or PNG.

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