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We are the only national auction that specializes in oriental-Asian art, in Antiques, Ivory, Jewels, Objects of decoration and all types of Art. Especially Chinese.

Unlike other online auctions, Auctions Darley reviews each and every one of the lots that are in auction, which makes us guarantee the quality of all the lots that come out in auction.

The products, lots are sent personally by us, directly from our facilities, unlike other online auctions that the product is sent from a third party without checking the product and the actual status of this.

We guarantee that all our lots are reviewed by experts and that they comply with all legal regulations in our country. These always check the status of our lots. In good condition, we mean that they meet the cataloged qualities and that they do not have any damage, in which case we would indicate it.

All our shipments are insured, delivered or sent in 24 hours. If the lot is delivered in poor condition or lost, we promise to return the money. We are proud that in all these years Darley Auctions has an extraordinarily low percentage of returns or complaints from our users.

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