Subastas Darley

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Auctions Room Darley Avd. Menéndez Pidal 13, Valencia.

Auctions Darley takes the final step, become the bulk of the auctions in the Mediterranean and currently in the Spanish state.

Account with the offices of administration and accounting, room of meetings, photographicand gemmologicallaboratory , toilets adapted to handicapped, the exhibition of watchmaking and jewels is arranged in a room totally equipped like jewelry.

Darley Auction Room Cafeteria.

We have a large space of vault and security boxes, both separate, for the use and delight of its customers, has a level of security equal to or higher than banking entities, this space is intended for storage and storage of high-quality pieces level and special services to our clients.

The warehouses are divided into two different zones, both fully protected.

The general warehouse or vertical Warehouse equipped with three heights with lifting platform, for the disposal of all types of goods for storage waiting to be valued and auctioned.

There is also an extraordinary warehouse specifically equipped with a large storage system with sliding panels in the form of an accordion for depositing paintings, this system protects the work completely, does not originate any contact between them, protects both the canvas and the frames, does not offer any kind of wear or rubbing to the works. Built entirely in steel, the opening system in the form of an accordion guarantees that the deposited works are much safer since it is not possible to manipulate these works without having to move the structure. only comparable with systems destined to museums.

Two rooms of approximately two hundred meters squared destined to Art Gallery and independent of the auction room. the latter is also equipped to transform itself into an exhibition hall of approximately 800 square meters.

Auctions Darley has thought a lot about its customers, has a beautiful area of ​​rest and relaxation for your enjoyment, an elegant private cafeteria to give service to customers and the possibility of catering for events.

Auction Room View.

The auction room has a beautiful VIP room, ready to offer the best comfort for the stay to large collectors, personalities or authorities.

All this in almost two thousand square meters in the same center of Valencia just in front of the Valencia Institute of Modern Art IVAM, next to the English Court of New Center and guarded by two large hotels, Hotel NH Valencia Center and Hotel Turia, both walls with wall of our facilities. Opposite we have a large area of ​​gardens to enjoy the largest green area of ​​the city of Valencia and less than fifty meters the best shopping center in the city, New Center with all kinds of restaurants and shops, Parking, etc. Naturally, we do not even have to say that we have buses to all of Europe in the same building. There is also a Taxi stop just in front of one of the accesses to the Auction room, and finally, the journey is very simple and close. from the auction to the airport.

The building where the Darley Auction Room Avenida Menéndez Pidal 13 of Valencia is located, is protected 24h a day by private security agents. It consists of permanent offices of the National Police and all this is topped with a last generation system installation maximum level of security in all our facilities.

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