Subastas Darley

Meet Darley


Darley Auctions,is a dynamic, enterprising and efficient team with extensive professional experience in the field of antiques, artwork, jewelry, watches, etc. To complete the deficit for Spain in the ancient art expert assessment in Asia we have reached agreements with top professionals from other countries like China and France to act as experts and partners in our auction.

Which brings us to form the most competitive and professional team of Spain in Chinese ancient art, both ancient and contemporary Paintings, Jades, Bronzes, Ceramics and Porcelain, Furniture, Antique Ivory carving, etc. This remarkably benefits both the buyer and the transferor/seller.

We will offer to the buyer all the guaranteed and revised lots with a real estimate market price, which favors them yo buy can buy with confidence and to collect or invest in art, Diamonds, Antiques, etc..

We guarantee to the transferor/seller and the buyer the study of their properties for free, professional appraisal that will provide the best estimate of the actual market, we are committed to a fair pricing and in the case that the parts studied are best estimate market in other auctions, other countries or grades collectors, we will endeavor to get the best result in the sale both on auction and direct sales, with the agreement of the transferor/seller.

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