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.1 - Send us at least four images of the same part at different positions through our email:, all the information that you can provided of the part or object, along with measurements, weight, material, provenance, signature, conservation status of the object, etc. We ill look atyour request and we will provide an initial assessment, together with a minimum reserve price.

. 2.-Visit our facilities in C/San vicente,26 Enrt.2ª (Valencia) with your part or object. We will agree a minimum reservation priceand we will sign a contract as mediators of the saleod the part or object, according our commission part. After that, we will proceed to the obtain of photos and we will list it in our online auction so it can be sold.

In the case of a huge or very valuable lot Darley's Auctions will send a team to perform the work at home.

. 3 -. Virtually we will expose your piece or article in our Auction with pricing and full documentation of the object. The exhibition will last two weeks, during the time which the users of Darley's Auctions may place their bids until the completion and closing of the auction.

. 4 - Once the auction has finished and the part is awarded, Darley's Auctions will liquidate the amount of the auction minus the agreed commissionwithin one month from the day the auction closed. In the case that you were the depositary of a batch during the time the auction was exposed, once it is completed, our transport service will pick the piece at your home and then we will have to liquidate the amount of the auction minus our commission.

. 5 - Call and ask for more information to this phone 96 394 96 394 48 94, 32 26 to 0034 if you are calling from outside Spain or email us:

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