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To place a bid on Darley's Auctions is a must, prior registration as a user. This panel has to go to our home website and go to "register" all fields correctly filling the form with your details. The entered personal data should be authentic and totally incorrect.

IEnter the name or user code and a password or key. Must be between 8 and 16 characters and contain at least one number, capital letter and a lowercase. This is important, your code or user name will be displayed in the bidding history when you make an offer or bid, never your real name and surname previously entered on the form, which is guaranteed privacy, the password entered by you in form guarantees the authenticity of bids, since you need to enter the username and the correct password to access place a bid.

Following steps:

. 1 - Select the lot with photography and get some information:

"Ring 18kt White Gold"

•Lot: 35001316

•End: 06/06/2013 - 05:10
•Estimate:900 Euros
•Last auction:90 Euros

Get the lot

Enter the batch by clicking on "Get the lot" or to the left in the image of the selected batch.

. 2 - You're looking at the record of the selected batch. On top of it the title of the article and the lot number below with the complete description of the selected batch displayed and the end date of auction or auction will subsequently appear, along with the time remaining for completion. In this example the auction ended on July 31, 2013 and remaining 8 days and 9 hours 57 minutes 48 seconds, this is the time you have to place your bid.

Ends on: July 31, 2013 6:00 a.m.

8 days 9 h. 57 m. 48 s. to end

. 3 - Estimate or estimated price. Cataloging In our batch we attach a price / value object or part, this estimation is carried out by experts and Darley's Auctions is an approximate price of that part or object (batch ) in today's market, it is not binding bids.

. 4 - Select your bid, you will open a popup with the amounts you choose for you to perform the puja, table of bids:

From 0€ to 200€ 10€-10€

From 0€ to 200€ 20€- 20 €

From 300€ to 500€ 25€- 25€

From 500€ to 1000€ 50 € 50€

From 1000€ to 3000€ 100€- 100€

From 3000€ to 5000€ 250€- 250€

From 5,000€ to 10,000€ 500€- 500€

From 10,000€ to 20,000€ 1000€ -1000€

From 20,000€ to 50,000€ 2500€- 2500€

From 50,000e to 100,000€ 5,000€- 5,000€

From 100,000€ € hereinafter 10,000€- 10,000€

. 5 - Once you have placed your bid, you will open a confirmation of that auction, where you get a quote with all details of the selected bundle over the allotment price and fees as a mediator in the sale of the lot to be 18% on the hammer price. This fee is subject to IVA, so will have to add 21% IVA only on the commission percentage.

Accept the confirmation and your bid will be displayed in the panel Bidding, where his user name is reflected, the bid placed by you, in this example mei59 70 € and the date and time that was done.

Remember that during the pre-auction closing three minutes any bid increases in three minutes time of completion of the subasta.Recibirá an automatic confirmation of your bid by email, If it be you, your bid, the bid awarded, you will receive another email automatic telling you that your bid was awarded. Subsequently Darley's Auctions will send you an email with a budget allocation of the lot at auction.

You can choose the option of Add to Favorites this option is in the upper right part of the record of the lot chosen, if a registered user, your personal panel as a user of Darley's Auctions is the option of My auctions favorite, a qui can store your favorite items and choose the possibility of notices by email reminders before the completion of the auction lots that you selected as favorites and to be able to bid before the end of such bids.

6 - The delivery time. Been made once the full settlement payment batch by credit card or Paypal or bank transfer or deposit into the bank account of Darley's Auctions, "Darley Arts slu" proceed to packaging and product delivery. The estimated delivery time will be about seven to twelve days, depending on whether the lot is deposited elsewhere, their size or the difficulty in packaging or shipping. The packaging and shipping are always paid by the buyer. Another option is to collect the lot in person or by transporting chosen by you in our facilities.

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