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编号. 28121197
Start the . 14 Mar 2014 23:24 PM
End. 09 Dic 2016 18:50 PM
最后出价. 190 €
总出价. 4
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Pair of Chinese porcelain vases of very good quality and beautiful finish , belonging to the rose family, with typical borders in turquoise and yellow and everything but the windows are detailed with beautiful flowers in different shades of color, in the center window found a beautiful landscape of water lilies and aquatic birds and landscape the back window is a tree branch with a beautiful bird of paradise surrounded by flowers on the sides of these beautiful vases found two small windows one, the bottom in a circle and upper recalls the windshield of a car, find both delicate drawings of flowers at the base of this pair of vases found a stamp with six Chinese characters , in which they say that these vases belong to the Ching dynasty and the period Qianlong , at the mouth of the vase , inside we find the evidence indicates that these vases do not belong to the above time and if the time Ming Guo here known as Republic of China, since the end of the emperors to the emergence of the Communist Party . 1912 to 1948 , size 33x18 cm.





粉彩对花瓶粉彩对花瓶 - 1粉彩对花瓶 - 2粉彩对花瓶 - 3
粉彩对花瓶粉彩对花瓶 - 1粉彩对花瓶 - 2粉彩对花瓶 - 3
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