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Once awarded, the lot will automatically appear on “Won Auctions”. However, you will no be able to pay until Darley Auction’s administration checks and confirms the invoice by email. We try to ensure that this waiting time does not exceed 24h.


1st- Once registered as a user, the POS payment is very simple and completely secure.

2nd- You have been awared the lot.

3rd- Log in your account. You will automatically access the User Area.

4th- Click on "My Bidding". Here you will find three list: "My Bids", "My Autobids" and "Won Aucitons".

5th- On the "Won Auctions" section you will find the awarded lot. Click on it and you will access a tab containing all the relevant information about the payment.

6th- On the lower side you will find a drop-down where you will be given two choices: "Transfer" and "Card".

7th- Select the "Card" method and click on the "PAY" button at the right.

8th- A tab belonging to Banco de Santander will then appear, containing the bank's vitual POS (Point of Sale). It will display the totalm amount to pay, and the data needed to complete the process.

9th- Fill the requested information and press pay.

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