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Send us a minimum of four images of the piece in various positions, measurements, weight, material with which it is composed, signature, state of conservation of the object and the origin or any other information that you may have about the piece. We will study your request and, if it is of our interest, we will ask you to bring us the piece so that we can begin your assessment.

The client must send their request through e-mail, WhatsApp or by directly visiting our facilities at Avda. Menendez Pidal, 13 bj, Valencia (Ccial Zone. Valencia Bus Station).


WhatsApp:669 53 68 89

Telephone: 960461688


We value or appraise any type of object, work of art, jewel, antique, etc. that you may estimate as potential for sale. The valuation is COMPLETELY FREE for the pieces destined to our auctions. On the contrary, if the piece is not available for auction, the client will have to pay a valuation fee. This amount varies depending on the piece to study. Therefore, the client is obliged to state the purpose of the assessment.

Our team of experts will advise you on the value of the piece and the most effective method for its sale (In The Room Auction or Direct Sale). We advise personally and with the utmost discretion. We are aware of the prices of national and international markets. We also conduct home consultations for inheritances, extensive collections, or items of immense value, giving all kinds of personalized advice in these disputes. The charge for the trip depends on the distance and the purpose of the valuation. All auctioned pieces are reviewed by Spain’s heritage system and, those of immense value, are also reviewed by a recognized external expert.

Darley Auctions offers a free service to those clients who desire a requesting of a certificate for auction or auctioned items. Nevertheless, the certificate costs are always paid by the customer. For items that are not linked to auction, this service will have an additional charge.

All our agreements are accompanied by assignment documents for their sale, where we indicate our commission, the agreed minimum prices and all the general conditions like the rules for both the buyer and the seller. Darley Auctions only acts as a mediator.

Please note that it may take days, weeks, or months for the valuation service to deliver an appraisal due to the large flow of requests. Therefore, the items selected for the next auction will always have priority. Darley Auctions reserves the right to withdraw or postpone the auction process of any item at any time and without prior notice.

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