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UPCOMING OCTOBER AUCTION 2022 - WESTERN ART - Exhibition in room from October 13 to 26.

Circle of Vicente López Portaña (1772 - 1850) "Jesus, the rich and Lazarus" 19th century

竞标由. 6.500 €
编号 312.

Oil on canvas, large format. In a very good state of preservation, relining of a canvas and with slight restorations. No signature is visible.

The painting recreates the most minute details and depicts the characters very faithfully. All of them are well-lit in contrast to the background. The floor tiles together with the pillars and the vault give depth to the composition. All of this is intended to highlight the protagonists of the scene and frame them in their context without detracting from the message. Colors are also used to add meaning. The rich man wears a tunic of fine linen and colorful velvet in contrast to the sobriety of the poor man. Jesus wears a white robe with gold embroidery that reflects the light of the scene.

The composition places the figure of Jesus in the center with a direct message "Amaos los unos á los otros" (Love one another). At his feet is a serpent, symbolizing sin, together with broken chains as a garment of the wealthy. In the front are the two of them, standing one on each side of Jesus, encircled by his arms. The rich man who is an epulon shakes hands with Lazarus in a gesture of unity before God. They are inside a temple of neoclassical architecture and there is a step on the floor. The poor man has both feet up, while the rich man has only one. This gesture symbolizes the fact that the neediest are closer to the Kingdom of God.

Size: 225 x 151,50 cm; Size with frame: 237 x 163,50 cm

Provenance: Private collection, Valencia. 

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