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Our team is made up of a highly qualified group with extensive professional experience. It is a dynamic, enterprising, efficient team with an extensive professional career in the field of antiques, works of art, decoration, jewellery, and watches. We, therefore, cover the specialties necessary for the study of each one of the articles that are presented to us.

We collaborate with the best laboratories, restorers, appraisers, experts, and historians for the preparation of appraises or other reports on the history of the artwork and its representativeness both in its historical context and within the artist's production, iconography, aesthetic commentary, and technical-scientific analysis for the authentication of the artist and/or the artwork. All valuations are accompanied by a detailed bibliography which verifies the authenticity of the item and a spectacular photographic work for those pieces to be auctioned. By following this process, we always offer the maximum confidence and peace of mind to our client. In case of requiring a certificate and/or technical-scientific tests, the payment would be borne by the client.

Darley Auctions and its entire team pose as main purpose the offer the best and, above all, the highest quality and authenticity in the national market – especially in Chinese antiques and jewellery. Our goal is to provide the same level and professionalism as the appraisal and valuation teams in large cities such as Paris, London, New York, etc.


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