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编号. 28604521
Start the . 25 Nov 2015 11:46 AM
End. 07 Dic 2016 18:50 PM
最后出价. 750 €
总出价. 5
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Ring in 18k yellow gold and 72 diamonds total weight 0,52cts. Model with floral facade with two concentric layout drawing clover-shaped profiles and rhodium view adorned with a succession of diamonds, brilliant cut. They are joined by a smooth and well design superimposed bevel which encloses inside each of its leaves a diamond, brilliant cut, which engages "air" shared four straight claws. Chairs the center of this network a rosette of emeralds, presenting the size and location in the central oval in round cut, showing all, a nice bright green and 1.12 cts Total weight (5). This entire structure rests on a gallery decorated with cut lily and supported by open shoulders in two heights.

Total diamond weight: 0.52cts

Total weight: 6.50gr.

As facade: 18x18mm

As inner ring: 17.50mm




18K黄金镶钻石配祖母绿戒指18K黄金镶钻石配祖母绿戒指 - 118K黄金镶钻石配祖母绿戒指 - 218K黄金镶钻石配祖母绿戒指 - 3
18K黄金镶钻石配祖母绿戒指18K黄金镶钻石配祖母绿戒指 - 118K黄金镶钻石配祖母绿戒指 - 218K黄金镶钻石配祖母绿戒指 - 3
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