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The Yixing teapots are recognized worldwide. Archaeological excavations have found that since the Song Dynasty from 960 to 1279 ( sigloX ) teapots are already engaged with this clay , called Zhisha clay found only in this place , in Yixing . there are of different colors, golden , dark brown and the most famous of the purple color. What makes this so special clay are property of transpiration of water, so the only circa 'll especially for him , enhancing its flavor and keeping the temperature correctly. It is also and not least, for the realization of Bonsai pots , proven to be the best material for these small trees , much as the Japanese insist . the second most important after the great quality is the extraordinary beauty of this material once the piece is finished . The big problem with this particular clay is able to find was that manufacturing in the past that is almost empty today , other clays of Yixing area , also very good quality are used. For this reason the old pieces are highly prized , especially the Ming Dynasty.

This teapot is an example of the exquisite work of Yixing , consider it late nineteenth early twentieth century , labor quality and finish of the piece , the lid fits perfectly in the pot is sealed both inside of the lid and the base body .

Perfect condition .

Pertaining to Private Collection.


宜兴紫砂老茶壶宜兴紫砂老茶壶 - 1宜兴紫砂老茶壶 - 2宜兴紫砂老茶壶 - 3宜兴紫砂老茶壶 - 4宜兴紫砂老茶壶 - 5
宜兴紫砂老茶壶宜兴紫砂老茶壶 - 1宜兴紫砂老茶壶 - 2宜兴紫砂老茶壶 - 3宜兴紫砂老茶壶 - 4宜兴紫砂老茶壶 - 5
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