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Candle Holder

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Candle Holder

编号. 28503105
Start the . 17 Jul 2015 12:16 PM
End. 09 Dic 2016 17:10 PM
最后出价. 40 €
总出价. 2
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The incomparable and always fascinating crystal irradiation is a gift that fits luz.Un gift like few to be offered, since the crsital blinks while the sun shines for nosotros.Este is the leitmotif of the collection of Swarovski Silver Crystal, composed of valuable groups of figures made in pure crystal produced by man, His carved fraction, and recomposed scattered light in an infinitely varied play of colors. Each figure is a unique creation, immutable and growing together, born of the design value, matter and reflection.

Measurements: 13cm



Candle HolderCandle Holder - 1Candle Holder - 2Candle Holder - 3
Candle HolderCandle Holder - 1Candle Holder - 2Candle Holder - 3
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