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编号. 28131009
Start the . 14 Mar 2014 23:15 PM
End. 09 Dic 2016 19:30 PM
最后出价. 700 €
总出价. 5
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Pair of long earrings with movement, white gold 18k, The top button is in the form of rosette, with a blue sapphire at its center, pear-cut, surrounded by a border as a bevel covered by diamonds, brilliant cut , crimped and claw to hang two bars forming a cross, lined with diamonds, round cut, crimp claw, that support three parallel wires at different levels and adorned with sapphires of various colors, knob size and good transparency, separated from each other by a central diamond, brilliant cut, crimp claws. The outer strands are topped with a ruby, knob size and the core wire with a classic rosette chaired by an orange color, knob size and bordered by a bezel of diamonds, brilliant cut sapphire claw crimped. Total weight of diamonds: 0.21cts. Total weight in sapphires: 7.65cts. Total weight in rubies: 1.97cts. Closing pressure.

Medida: 54mm

Peso Total: 8.40gra




18K白金耳环镶宝石与钻石.18K白金耳环镶宝石与钻石. - 1
18K白金耳环镶宝石与钻石.18K白金耳环镶宝石与钻石. - 1
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