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编号. 28121997
Start the . 26 Jun 2014 13:10 PM
End. 02 Dic 2016 19:13 PM
最后出价. 425 €
总出价. 8
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Pair of earrings in 18k white gold with pearl and diamonds. Long articulated model elegant design. The top button of the button shape of a bead which two oblique lines with lacing drawing, presenting the same reason in the bottom of the pattern arise. Both are facing and linked together by clamps that leave their half with a small diamond that contains inside a diamond, brilliant cut. The pearls are button type white and measure approx. 9.85-10.70mm approx. Omega type closure. 

Earring Size: 38mm 

Total outstanding weight: 9.50gra





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白珍珠配钻石18K白金耳环白珍珠配钻石18K白金耳环 - 1白珍珠配钻石18K白金耳环 - 2白珍珠配钻石18K白金耳环 - 3
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