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编号. 28005290
Start the . 14 Nov 2016 13:58 PM
End. 16 Dic 2016 17:33 PM
最后出价. 130 €
总出价. 7
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Pendant in 18k yellow gold and natural turquoise. The front is a beautiful piece of natural turquoise, 25mm, in deep blue and little veins, trimmed with five-petal flower pattern. Decorate its center with a rennet of gold lines in various sizes, which draw their stamens and which are prolonged by engraving on the surface of the piece. It engages with claws that start from a common center in the back, reinforcing, with it, the holding of the turquoise. Stiff, pendant, with a wedge handle with a back opening to facilitate the use of any type of chain and presents a frontispiece in rhodium view and 3 small diamonds, brilliant cut.

Measurement: 34mm

Total hanging weight: 5.70gra



18k黄金松石镶钻石吊坠18k黄金松石镶钻石吊坠 - 118k黄金松石镶钻石吊坠 - 218k黄金松石镶钻石吊坠 - 3
18k黄金松石镶钻石吊坠18k黄金松石镶钻石吊坠 - 118k黄金松石镶钻石吊坠 - 218k黄金松石镶钻石吊坠 - 3
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