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编号. 28504498
Start the . 19 Nov 2015 17:57 PM
End. 07 Dic 2016 18:55 PM
最后出价. 150 €
总出价. 5
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Pair of earrings 18k yellow gold and 36 diamonds total weight 0.10cts. Simple medium-long model is designed with a stick taped rope-end which ends with two different size buttons displayed on view and covered rhodium diamond, brilliant-cut. Hold a cap of the same characteristics as the buttons described above and enshrines a beautiful pearl, cultured natural, black and beautiful Eastern presented with 9mm approx spherical color. measurement. Closing pressure.

Total diamond weight: 0.10cts

Total weight: 3.70gr

As long: 2.80cms




18K黄金配圆白珍珠钻石耳环18K黄金配圆白珍珠钻石耳环 - 118K黄金配圆白珍珠钻石耳环 - 218K黄金配圆白珍珠钻石耳环 - 3
18K黄金配圆白珍珠钻石耳环18K黄金配圆白珍珠钻石耳环 - 118K黄金配圆白珍珠钻石耳环 - 218K黄金配圆白珍珠钻石耳环 - 3
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