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编号. 28802519
Start the . 12 Nov 2014 11:21 AM
End. 25 Nov 2016 17:55 PM
最后出价. 475 €
总出价. 5
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Pendant in 18k white gold and 46 diamonds total weight 0,40cts. Facade pattern with floral design that gives form four equal, oval, overlapping profiles that draw the petals of a flower. Each is decorated differently, appearing in one smooth, two cover half of your line with diamonds, brilliant cut and the last is fully lined with diamonds, linked them all in small clutches. Converge at a center in which the ends topped with a diamond, brilliant cut, larger and shares his claws with a sapphire, round cut in deep blue color that draws the central flower. Inside each of the petals, placed, crimp "on the air" with shared claws in oval cut sapphire and blue translucent pretty intense. All drawing is attached with a small handle, a lone sapphire crimp "on the air" hanging with motion of a rectangular loop at definition, lining the front six diamonds, brilliant cut, crimp claw.Total sapphire weight: 2.85cts.

Total diamond weight: 0.40cts

Measure frontispiece: 17mm

Pendant Measurement: 33.00gr

Total weight pendant: 3.90gr





2.85克拉天然蓝宝石配钻石18K白金挂坠2.85克拉天然蓝宝石配钻石18K白金挂坠 - 12.85克拉天然蓝宝石配钻石18K白金挂坠 - 22.85克拉天然蓝宝石配钻石18K白金挂坠 - 3
2.85克拉天然蓝宝石配钻石18K白金挂坠2.85克拉天然蓝宝石配钻石18K白金挂坠 - 12.85克拉天然蓝宝石配钻石18K白金挂坠 - 22.85克拉天然蓝宝石配钻石18K白金挂坠 - 3
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