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The Yixing teapots are recognized worldwide. Archaeological excavations have found that since the Song Dynasty 960 to 1279 (sigloX) and teapots were made with this clay, called Zhisha, clay found only in this place, in Yixing. there are of different colors, golden, dark brown and the most famous of purple color. What makes this so special clay is the property of transpiration of water, so the only towards, especially for him Te, enhancing its flavor and keeping the temperature correctly. It is also and not least, for conducting Bonsai pots, proven to be the best material for these small trees, much as the Japanese insist. the second most important after its quality is the extraordinary beauty of this material once the piece is completed. The big problem with this particular clay is to find, was that manufacturing in the past that is almost empty today, other clays in the area of Yixing, also of very good quality are used. For this reason the old pieces are highly prized, especially the Ming Dynasty.

 Measure: 202x8cm




宜兴老紫砂壶宜兴老紫砂壶 - 1宜兴老紫砂壶 - 2宜兴老紫砂壶 - 3宜兴老紫砂壶 - 4宜兴老紫砂壶 - 5
宜兴老紫砂壶宜兴老紫砂壶 - 1宜兴老紫砂壶 - 2宜兴老紫砂壶 - 3宜兴老紫砂壶 - 4宜兴老紫砂壶 - 5
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