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In our Direct Bid mode we offer you the possibility of bidding without a reserve price which means that the first amount that appears in the starting price guarantees that your first bid will be the winner of the auction lot as long as it is not exceeded by another user in the next three minutes. The lots listed in Direct Bid will be displayed on our Darley Auction website for ten days. Once this time is over, if the lot has not received any bid, it will be withdrawn. If, on the contrary, said lot obtains a first bid, it will remain in auction, from that moment, for three minutes, being awarded at the end of said time, if there is no other bid. Giving the lot as awarded even though that is the only bid.

We want with this system to facilitate in a almost certain way the acquisition of the lots that we offer and that you may be more interested in.

All the rules, functions and qualities of the lots of this Direct auction modality are the same as the other auctions offered by Darley Auctions. Also the commissions and other expenses caused by the shipment of the awarded lot.

If a bid is made a few minutes after the auction end date and time, it will be awarded as the winner at the end of the auction time. it will not be reviewed or extended for another ten minutes. It will only be extended ten more minutes in the event that another bid is made just before the end of the auction time.

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