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1º- Once you are registered as a user and can make bids at Darley Auctions, payment by credit / debit card is very simple and completely secure.

2º- You have made your bid and you have been awarded the lot.

3º- You have to access the menu or User Zone. I placed your mouse and click on the Users Access tab, located in the upper left of the home page. A drop-down will open and click on My Bids.

4º- In this Menu we will find two sections, My Bids and Winned Auctions.

5º- In the section of Won Auctions we will find the lot that has been awarded to us, click on the Access to Lot tab, located at the bottom of the chosen lot, highlighted in black and Press.

6º- We directly access the awarded Lot where we will find all the necessary information. In the lower part we find, Summary of the Budget, we find all the data on the invoice of the lot that has been awarded to it.


Once the lot has been awarded to you at Darley Auctions, it will appear on this menu, but you will not be able to make the payment by credit card until it has been reviewed and confirmed by the Darley Auction administration. We ensure that this waiting time does not exceed 24H. You will receive a confirmation note by email.

7º- Once your payment has been verified, select a payment method, in the SELECT ... tab located in the lower left.

8º- Once the drop-down is opened and the Card method chosen. click on the pink button on the right PAY.

9º- The page of the Banco de Sabadell virtual POS (online payment system) will be opened, where you will be informed of the amount to be paid and where you will have to enter the precise data to be able to make said payment. Follow the steps requested by the Bank.


If you choose this form of payment you will enter the secure website of our financial institution Banco de Sabadell, where you will be asked for your card number and expiration date.

For your peace of mind, Banco Sabadell guarantees absolute security, since both your personal data and your card data are encrypted thanks to the SSL secure server provided by this financial entity.

The data on your credit card are not registered in any database but go directly to the POS (Point of Sale Terminal) of the Bank.

Also, at no time Darley Auctions receives your card details, only the confirmation of your payment. Our virtual POS (online payment system) of Banco de Sabadell are Homologated to CES Secure Electronic Commerce protocols. Also to Visa security systems VERIFIED BY VISA and MasterCard MASTERCARD SEGURECODE.

For this reason we guarantee that this payment method on our website is safe, guaranteed and effective.

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