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General Conditions to register for Darley Auctions

Darley Arts, SL, (hereinafter Darley Auctions) with address at Avd. Menéndez Pidal 13 Pl.Bj, 46009, Valencia, Spain. NIF: B98606007, the e-mail address: is made available to its clients so that they can ask any questions about these general conditions and the operation of the auctions. Darley Auctions, develops its activity as hiring, intermediation, sale in auction both in the hall and online or in direct sale of own property or goods assigned by the seller owner, responsible for the assigned assets are owned or, where appropriate, guarantees that it is validly authorized by the rightful owner to dispose of them free of charges, claims and other charges, so that Darley Auctions acts as a mediator.

Register as a user for Online auctions.

Enter the homepage "Register as a user" and fill in the boxes correctly with your data. The personal data entered must be authentic and totally correct, given that in the event of any falsehood or manipulation of said personal data, Darley Auctions will cancel the registration. We do not allow minors under 18 years of age to register on our website or request any information or service from our site, nor do we allow any personal data of a minor to be obtained.

In the form you will be asked to enter a user code and password, this is important, your code or username will be displayed in the bid history when you bid or bid, never use your first and last name entered in the form, this guarantees your privacy, the password entered by you in the form guarantees the authenticity of the bids. You must enter the correct user code and password to access to place a bid.

Once the form has been filled out and submitted, Darley Auctions will examine it and accept the request as a user, sending you by email the approval through which you can now act as a bidder for our online auction. Darley Auctions reserves the right to accept bids. By accessing the Home screen in the "User Access" section you can make changes to both your code or username and password.

Before being registered as a user, the only requirement for an operation is the acceptance of the procedural rules. The user undertakes to use the means of the Darley Auctions website for the purpose for which it was created and to act in accordance with current legislation, respecting the privacy policy and the moral characteristics of the page, being the power of Darley Auctions, the fact that in the event of breach of any of these conditions and regulations, the user's account may be suspended or deleted without prior notice or right to any type of compensation or compensation. The user who has been subject to this suspension or cancellation may not re-register unless expressly authorized by Darley Auctions.

If you wish to unsubscribe as a user of Darley Auctions, you should only contact us, either by email or by phone.

Registering as a user gives you the right to request information about future auctions or the possibility of receiving our catalog or newsletter in which we can inform you of the most important and important pieces of our auctions, said newsletter will be sent to you via email.

Register as a user for face-to-face auctions.

As a security measure, implemented by Darley Auctions, in the course of our face-to-face auction, users registered in said auction as Online bidders must enter a deposit of 30% of the starting price of each of the lots for which they want to bid. In the event that no lot is awarded, the total amount deposited will be returned after the end of said auction. In the case that one or more lots will be awarded, you can request a refund or calculate the difference of the total you have contributed.

It will be necessary to place a bid, having to repeat the operation in each batch. Instead, you can bid as many times as the same lot requires. Therefore, each online bidder will deposit the amount indicated above in each batch to bid and then may continue to increase bids. We apologize for the inconvenience, this security measure has been implemented by us to protect bidders in the face-to-face auction room and prevent false discriminatory or simulated bids that interfere with the proper functioning of the auction.

If you are a preferred customer of Darley Auctions or wish to bid as a user on our website, for several lots included in our in-person auction, you can request

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