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In our form of Puja Direct we offer you the possibility to bid without reserve price which means that the first amount in the starting price guarantees your first bid will win the lot at auction as long as it is not superseded by another user within three minutes. The lots listed in Direct bid will be displayed on our web Darley Auction for ten days. Once finished this time, if the lot has not received any bid, will be removed. If instead the lot gets first bid will remain at auction, from that moment, for three minutes, to be awarded at the end of this time, if no other bid. By making out that even being awarded the only bid.

We provide this system so virtually certain the purchase of the lots to offer you more and you will find valuable.

All standards, functions and qualities of lots of this auction Direct mode are equal to those offered by other auctions Auctions Darley. Also commissions and other expenses caused by shipping lot awarded.

If a bid within minutes of the date and time of completion of the auction, it will be awarded as the winner when the time of such tenders. not be revised or expanded ten minutes. Only ten minutes be extended if another bid is made just before the end time of the auction.

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