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Darley auction at the service of our users Autobid Automatic System.

Autobid is an automated system whereby users do not have to be pending further bids or be reviewing them in case you have been overtaken by another user and need to make another bid following.


If you like Auction User Darley are interested in bidding for one or more of our lots, you can use our system Autobid. To do this you choose the lot for which you are interested in bidding and decides a maximum amount or maximum amount for which he would be satisfied to be adjudicase the lot, then instead of choosing a figure which bid on the tab "Select your bid "and then press the button to push, as you have been doing usually to place a bid on our auction and having to be aware of the auction, which has to do with this system Autobid is to introduce the maximum amount or maximum amount for which you would be willing to go on the auction of that lot, I write it on the tab "Enter your Autobid" just below the tab "Select Your Bid". It will open a window indicating the total by which you perform your Autobid, you just have to accept that the system Autobid work.

The automated anger Autobid bidding for you, make an initial bid for the amount or the lowest possible amount. Only in the event that another user exceeds its initial bid, your Autobid perform other higher bid. If no other bidders, your system Autobid not make any bid more, so it does not reach the maximum amount you entered to put your Autobid up, so you can win the lot without having to reach the maximum amount it was initially introduced.

But if instead, the starting bid of his Autobid is surpassed by another user, this conduct one or more Autobids for you to win the auction, up to the maximum amount or number you entered as Autobid. If there comes a time when your maximum bid is exceeded by the auction of another user, the system Autobid will send an email indicating that your bid has been surpassed, but can not make more bids this system because the quantity or amount Maximum initially introduced by you in your Autobid already completed peaking, then you can choose to perform a manual bid, another Autobid or simply withdraw from this auction.

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