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Bronze censer with lion, Qing Dynasty

Lot 151.
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Output Value. 600 €
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A bronze censer, delicately moulded, consisting of three pieces. The upper part of the lid features a figure of a Chinese lion, treading on a ball, above an openwork vault with decorative motifs of flowers and lobed cartouches. The rim is decorated with fretwork in relief.

The central piece has a rounded body with two bands of decorative reliefs. The upper border has archaic 'taotie' motifs, and the lower border consists of single lobed frames with flowers inside. Two handles emerge from the neck, which are also openwork, and depict coiled dragons. On the front and back is a sinuous handle in the shape of an elephant's head.

It is attached to a stepped pedestal, which is decorated with similar decorative motifs and a band of openwork flowers. On the underside of the base is a six-character seal '大明宣德年制' Xuande in relief. 

Overall height: 45 cm; Width: 35 cm; Weight: 5,379 g

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