Subastas Darley


Celadon “Bianhu” vase with dragon and bat, Qing dynasty

Awarded For. 1.800 €
Lot 105.

Beautiful monochrome vase, finely elaborated, with a rounded body of flattened profile, from which emerges a narrow neck that ends with a rounded mouth in the form of a bulb, which is joined to the body by two delicate, almost smooth handles. 

The piece is covered with a faint glaze of the subtlest celadon color, and decorated with meticulous reliefs that completely cover the body, neck and mouth. On both sides of the vase is depicted, in the central area and surrounded by clouds, a five-clawed dragon with its gaze forward and its jaws open, defiantly facing the viewer, who curls its body sinuously around a flaming pearl. The image of the mythical beast is flanked by beautiful open-winged bats, arranged on the narrow sides of the vase. An imposing sea full of raging waves is arranged beneath the dragon and adds great dynamism to the image. 

The five-clawed dragon is traditionally a representation of the emperor himself, reflecting his power and glory.  

On the base, with a white background, there are traces of a seal possibly made in underglaze blue, but which was later erased. 

Size: 22 x 7.7 x 20 cm (approx.)


- French private collection. 


- Sotheby's.  A superb and possibly unique celadon-glazed 'dragon' moon flask, Seal mark and period of Qianlong. The Dragon Emeror | Chinese Art. April 2024. Lot 3634.

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