Subastas Darley


Chinese painting “Imperial Portrait”, Qing dynasty

Awarded For. 11.000 €
Lot 91.

Ink and pigments on silk. Depicts in the center the solemn image of an emperor seated cross-legged in lotus position on a rectangular seat adorned with colorful blooming lotuses and scrolls of curled leaves. The man shows a solemn and serene expression, gazing straight ahead, connecting with the viewer.

The head is adorned by a traditional bicolor hat, combining red and white tones; and the body is adorned by a chanfgu of cobalt blue on the outside and celadon green on the inside, which is closed by a succession of golden buttons on the torso. Both faces show delicate embroidered details, barely perceptible, such as archaic geometric elements or a large coiled dragon arranged in the center of the chest, next to a sea of ruyi clouds, undisputed symbol of the Chinese imperial family.  In her hands she holds a delicate mala, made of small reddish beads interspersed with larger jade beads, from which hang strings of ruyi ornaments.

The colorful portrait contrasts with the neutral ochre color of the wall and the floral elements of the carpet and seat. Arranged on a plain, rectangular wooden seat with a decorative frieze in front. 

Size: 94.5 x 98 cm; Size with frame: 108.5 x 112.5 cm


- French private collection. 

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