Subastas Darley


Carved spinach-green jade vase, Qing dynasty

Awarded For. 60.000 €
Lot 92.

Made of carved jade in a deep spinach-green colour, with darker, translucent tones. 

This large vase takes on a traditional 'hu' shape, characterized by a rounded pear-shaped vessel on a square base. The surface is carved with reliefs of vegetation and phoenix mythological animals, inspired by ancient bronzes. On each side are two elephant heads carved from the same piece, each holding a movable ring with its trunk. The reliefs are well composed and show great detail and naturalism, and there are also various types of leaf or 'ruyi' borders that enrich the decoration. Together with its large size and weight, they demonstrate the skill required to make this piece.

A four-character seal "慎德堂制" (Shèn dé táng zhì) is carved in the centre of the base.

The use of this type of vase has a ceremonial and sacred meaning. The Chinese word "壶" (hu) means urn and comes from the bronze forms of antiquity. 

It is in an excellent state of preservation. 

Height: 20 cm; Mouth diameter: 9.50 x 8 cm; Base diameter: 9.5 x 8.2 cm; Weight: 2,856 g.



European private collection, Switzerland. With old photograph

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