Subastas Darley


Wood panel with “Bi” jade, Qing dynasty

Awarded For. 9.500 €
Lot 210.

Rectangular carved wooden panel, supported on two wide feet. It is profusely decorated on both sides with reliefs whose subject is divided into three sections. The lower panel is narrow and shows archaic taotie elements, followed by the middle panel, adorned with a succession of ornamented ruyis. The middle panel, larger in size and housing the beautiful jade “Bi” in its center, is profusely decorated with leaf scrolls and four elongated archaic dragons, with sinuous bodies and piercing gaze, covering the four corners. The fine feet and braces on which the panel sits are also fully carved with exquisite cloud patterns.

In the center of the composition, the beautiful jade disk is inlaid with a wooden navel, in the center of the jade, which reinforces the support. Three elongated dragons in relief, of different sizes, fine mane and coiled body, cover the surface, all of them with their gaze to the center, as if it were a treasure to protect. The reverse, is covered by the traditional “谷纹” grain pattern.

Panel size: 40 x 15 x 29 cm; Diameter jade: 18 cm (approx.)

Total weight: 2460 g

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