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1 -. The transferor/seller is responsible of the leased properties is the owned of the part or object, guaranteeing such authorization provided by the rightful owner through claims and other encumbrances, agrees to accredit it if it was necessary.

. 2 - The transferor/seller grants the rights to Darley Auctions, "Darley S.L. Arts", the mediator, to sell through its website related goods in the document "welcome auctioning" and commits not to assign the rights to sell to any other person, company, or web auction, while these rights are transferred to Darley's Auctions.

3.-The transferor/seller grants the rights to Darley's Auctions, "Darley Arts S.L." to photograph, exhibit and display graphically, both in print and through electronic means, goods related to the transfer form auction, which is considered the best way to sell the rights granted previously written for the use of these images to advertising purposes.

. 4 - The transferor/seller and Darley's Auctions shall agree on the minimum selling price for the given object. Below this price, Darley's Auctions will not sell the item unless you have express authorization from the transferor/seller. In objects with yield less than 200 € pricing, Darley's Auctions reserves the right to reject goods for auction and generate a distinct commission.

. 5 - The transferor / seller must provide maximum relevant and essential information both technical and professional or commercial workpiece or object included in our auction, any inaccuracy or omission on the part or object authorize to Darley's Auctions proceed to the immediate removal of said piece or object (lot) of our auction, without justification or explanation. In any case Darley's Auctions, "Darley Arts slu" accept any responsibility or you may claim any compensation or compensation.

. 6 - Once admitted the auction lot, it cannot be removed in any case by the transferor/seller unilaterally. It may only be removed for extraordinary reasons express permission of Darley 's Auctions and the seller/transferor must pay the amount of 25% of the estimate value set in compensation to Darley 's Auctions . If it were the case that the transferor/seller could not deliver the part, object or work once sold or awarded by auction, must pay to Darley 's Auctions , 30 % commission on the price estimation of the part or lot in compensation. After the sale, Darley 's Auctions deducted as commission, percentage agreed with the seller, taxed with the IVA . The author works sold subject to Law 22/87 Intellectual Property taxes are deducted establishing that law and, as this indicates is paid by the seller. Shipping costs from the seller's premises to Darley 's Auctions borne by the transferor/seller. All taxes arising as a result of mediation shall be done by the appropriate part and under current legislation .

7.-The seller will not pay more than the costs specified in the preceding paragraph, as those for insurance, cataloging, photography, storage and advertising, placed by Darley's Auctions. Just in case that after mutual agreement, proceed to the cleaning and restoration, framing, etc. the subject or consultations with experts involving an outlay, these expenses will be the sole responsibility of the transferor/seller, who must pay them regardless of whether the object is sold or not.

8.-In the case that the transferor/sellerphysicaldeposit their goods at the premises of Darley's Auctions, fifteen days after the conclusion of the auction the unsold lots that have not been withdrawn by the owner, unless otherwise agreed with Darley's Auctions accrue a weekly storage costs € 25 per cabinet or similar in volume and 15 € per week for parts from any other category. After thirty days of storage at the auction, Darley's Auctions is authorized by the transferor/seller to re-auction the item or object (batch) by the estimated price that Darley's Auctions decides.

9 -. The settlement for lots auctioned and sold will be made within 30 days after the date of closing of the part or object (Lot), after it has been paid by the buyer. In the event of non-payment occur by the bidder or buyer, Darley's Auctions will take use it's power in order to obtain payment of the outstanding amounts and report this to the transferor/seller. If these fail, the seller may choose to re-take the lot up for auction, sell the previous bidder or starting any type of process as you need, giving representation to Give's Auctions and their lawyers to initiate the relevant judicial claim. Expenses and disbursements arising from these legal actions, will be borne by the transferor/seller who must make an initial deposit to cover them.

10 -. In case of defects, flaws or errorsthat have been omitted or concealedin cataloging, the part will be returned to the transferor/seller and proceed to the cancellation of the sale. The seller must return the full amount to Darley's Auctions in the case that you have already paid the piece and pay the expenses incurred, administrative or transport.

11.-The parts seller,buyer and depositor shall meet the provisions of the Heritage Act, the General Tax Law and Intellectual Property Law.

12.-Estimate or estimated price, a price estimated that values each of the parts or objects (lots), estimate the price that the object is in the current market, which is not binding on the bids, only indication is set .

13.-The minimum price is the starting price at the auction of the lot and the amount by which you must make the first bid.

14.-Darley 's Auctions auction price deducted from the brokerage fees on the sale, which will be 18% on the hammer price, plus applicable taxes and expenses.

15 -. Operations involved in Darley's Auctions are subject to the provisions of Spanish law and, more specifically, to the provisions governing contracts and custody mediation.

16 -. All these conditions are set out in a contract that the transferor/seller must sign at the time that makes Darley Auctions the mediator so it can start the process of selling an item, object or work in Darley Auctions.

17.-The works of authors subject to the Copyright Act, they apply the appropriate tax, where applicable, provided by the transferor/seller.

18 -. Darley's Auctions reserves the right to modify or change these conditions of sale with prior notice.

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