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Mashad Persian Rug

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Mashad Persian Rug

Lot. 28121803
Start the . 05 Mayo 2014 14:18 PM
End. 13 Dic 2016 18:10 PM
Last Bid. 425 €
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Kenareh of extraordinary length, nearly five meters long, is the name Kenareh get the carpet landscape format , this has been held in Mashhad , an authentic Persian carpet .

The Persian rugs have become an essential element of culture and art in Persia , from the Bronze Age , the secrets passed down from generation to generation. The carpets were a necessary good for the routine life at the time , inspired artisans in insects , roots , animals or plants for the production of these beautiful rugs, arriving today to be a real luxury to be able to enjoy a good and authentic Persian carpet. 100 % natural wool or mixed with silk, all natural dyes and a unique quality clothing along with thousands of years of experience, is the perfect combination for these precious Persian carpets .

New carpet , blues, greens, reds and whites.

wool and 100% natural colors .

488 X 80cm



Mashad Persian RugMashad Persian Rug - 1Mashad Persian Rug - 2
Mashad Persian RugMashad Persian Rug - 1Mashad Persian Rug - 2
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