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Nain Persian rug.

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Nain Persian rug.

Lot. 28121806
Start the . 06 Mayo 2014 11:20 AM
End. 28 Nov 2016 18:40 PM
Last Bid. 475 €
Total Bids. 11
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The Nain rugs have great quality in his son and often Wool with details of flowers or silk ties , a percentage of 85 % wool and 15% silk .

The Persian rugs have become an essential element of culture and art in Persia , from the Bronze Age , the secrets passed down from generation to generation. The carpets were a necessary good for the routine life at the time , inspired artisans in insects , roots , animals or plants for the production of these beautiful rugs, arriving today to be a real luxury to be able to enjoy a good and authentic Persian carpet. 100 % natural wool or mixed with silk, all natural dyes and a unique quality clothing along with thousands of years of experience, is the perfect combination for these precious Persian carpets.

Beautiful Persian rug, this all hand made with natural materials and good quality , imported directly from the city indicated Iran , Persia .

New carpet , blues, red on white .

wool, silk and 100% natural colors .

200 X 200cm



Nain Persian rug.Nain Persian rug. - 1Nain Persian rug. - 2
Nain Persian rug.Nain Persian rug. - 1Nain Persian rug. - 2
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